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July 25, 2014


I haven’t found the time to read a novel lately. However, i had many people come over to me and asking me ” Did you read the novel by John Green- The Fault in our Stars”. So pulling out 2 to 3 all nighters, I finally decided to read it. And I have one word for it. It’s a huge disappointment.

I am basically a hard core romantic. Romantic novels make me woo and sob, all at the same time. The plot of the novel was didn’t appeal to me.It felt as if the writer was asking for the sympathy of the reader right from the first. It’s a story of two kids. What separates them from all the others are they are terminally ill. They suffer from cancer. People like me, who work are doctors find the technical aspect of the story quite absurd ( Eg. A girl carrying an oxygen cylinder around !!!)

It’s a story about a boy named Augustus and a girl named Hazel. Augustus suffers from Osteosarcoma and Hazel suffers from Thyroid Carcinoma. They meet at a cancer group for kids and fall in love. Augustus fulfills Hazel’s wish of travelling to Amsterdam to meet the author of her favorite book “The Imperial Affliction”. It turns out to be a ruse. The author is nothing short of a drunk bastard.Ultimately Augustus dies leaving Hazel sad and shattered. Another important character whom i liked was of a young guy named Isaac . He turns blind because of a tumor in his eye and his girlfriend leaves him because of that.

The plot seems shallow. No time is given for the characters to develop. Cancer is used as a point to gain sympathy. The author could have stressed more on how their relationship evolves. It could have been more about love and less about the suffering brought on by cancer. I see lots of cancer kids everyday, the way the author describes them, believe me its not like that .

I didn’t shed a single tear when Augustus dies. And that’s a rare occurrence for me. I will compare this novel with “Walk to Remember” by Nicholas Spark. Spark allowed his characters to develop and their love story to blossom properly. Reading “Walk to Remember” gives me goosebumps and makes me cry when “Jamie” dies.

I know these is review out of sorts, but if you read the novel you will understand. “The Fault in our Stars” is not a novel which we cannot put down. It didn’t keep me captured. I hope John Green does it better next time.


P.S. I have still not watched the movie.. and dont even feel like doing so after reading the book.




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