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Cradle and All !!! – James Patterson

April 27, 2012

I know it’s been a while since my last post. I have been busy with admission process in post-graduation.  Phew !!! Finally got into one. Yea !!! Anyways I have been itching to write about this one. I have read so many of James Patterson novels but this one caught me by surprise.


Well, obviously Mother Mary gave birth to Jesus as a virgin. Well believe it or not this story is based in on this. The earth it seems is taken on by Devils or Satan. There are famines in India and outbreak of TB and Polio in US and Floods in Africa.  Everyone is waiting for God to help them out. In those times 2 virgin girls, One in Boston named Kathleen and other in Ireland named Colleen become pregnant. Well nothing new in that but the twist in the tale is BOTH ARE VIRGINS. The priests in the Vatican become involved. Out of the two virgin mothers according to sayings of FATIMA, One will give birth to GOD and other to the DEVIL. Anne Fitzgerald, a former nun turned private investigator, is hired by the Archdiocese of Boston to investigate the immaculate conceptions. Even as she comes to care about and trust the young women, she realizes that both are in great danger. Terrifying forces of light and darkness are gathering. Stepping into uncharted territory where the unknown is just the beginning, Anne must discover the truth–to save the young women, to save herself, and to protect the future of all mankind.When the public gets wind of the fact that Christ will be born again there is an uproar.

Well which one gives birth to God and which one to Devil is really juicy to read about. So I won’t spoil the surprise for you. But I can tell you that much, The End of the Book is something you wouldn’t have expected at all.

My verdict on this is ” AWESOME READ” !!! The book takes us through a heart warming and life changing story of two pregnant teenage girls and what they go through along with giving us an insight into how the “CHURCH” works.

What did I love about this book ???

I am not a christian and this book made me aware of what Christianity is like. I feel like reading the bible after this. The strength of the virgin girls is amazing and i loved the element of surprise in this book. I repeat the “END” is not at all what it seems like !!!

P.S. – One can even become pregnant if you don’t actually have sex. Read the novel to know more. Let me know how you liked it !!! 😉


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