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Changes !!! – Danielle Steel

March 19, 2012

Changes is yet another of Danielle Steel Novels I have liked immensely.  This novel is something each and every one of us can relate to at one point of time. It depicts human emotions nicely. Even though the end is predictable, in order to enjoy this one you need to read in b/w the lines.

Changes: As the Title of the book suggests this novel is all about “THE MOMENTS OF IMPACT” which can change our lives forever:)

There are two center characters in this novel: MELANIE  ADAMS , a HOTSHOT TV ANCHOR in NEW YORK   and PETER HALLAM, a RENOWNED HEART SURGEON in Los Angeles.

1) MELANIE ADAMS : She is a famous TV ANCHOR. She is single mother. She has twins,  Valerie AND Jessica. She is honest and decent person along with being a wonderful mom.

2)PETER HALLAM : He is a renowned HEART SURGEON in Los Angeles. His wife died due to Pulmonary Hypertension, refusing her own husband to treat her. He has three kids. Mark, Pam and Matt. He is involved in fighting odds of people’s life everyday. Deeply attached to his work and his kids, trying to juggle both the things after death of his wife .

How do MELANIE AND PETER meet ???

As a part of her latest story, Melanie follows a girl who is going to be operated by Peter. Melanie is greatly touched by the work Peter does, how he deals with DEATH and HOPE at the same time. They enter into a whirlwind romance. None of them see any future in it because they live 3000 miles apart and both of them have careers which they don’t want to give up. However, after they separate, their feelings for each other keeps on exponentially increasing. They introduce each other to their kids. Take vacations with their kids. Pam, Peter’s daughter is still grieving over her mother’s death and rejects Melanie. Meanwhile Valerie and Jessica are so used to having their mother to themselves they cant get used to the idea of sharing her with someone else.

However, even with many odds against her, Melanie leaves her job in New York and moves with twins to Los Angeles to marry Peter. When she gets married she sees that Peter’s entire house-hold still lives in the past. The house they live in still looks like his EX – WIFE is still there. While Melanie gives her heart and soul into the marriage, Peter still seems to be living in the past. Upon that Peter’s kids don’t adjust to her ways and her own daughters refuse to  understand her decisions to marry Peter.

Melanie is trying to juggle her house along with a career at a new place. She faces a lot of problems with her co-anchor. Upon that Melanie turns pregnant. None of Peter’s kids are happy about that, neither are the twins and the make her life a living hell. When Melanie turns to Peter for his support, she finds he supports his kids more. Frustrated and alone Melanie, runs away from the house. Whether she comes back or not ??? And whether their marriage survives ??? Does she go for an abortion instead ???Will the children come to their senses and bury their differences???? And will Peter finally let go of his past and make the needed compromises, or risk losing Melanie forever???? Will Melanie and Peter together pull through these problems???? Will love conquer it all???? You need to read the book to find out.

This is a short synopsis. The way Danielle Steel have jotted down feelings and emotions in it, it seems very real. Definitely worth a read.

What I learnt from it ???

Anything constant in life is “CHANGE”. First of all I learnt that GIVING up your career in order to be with someone you truly love is not FOOLISH. It’s the best decision anyone could make. Careers can be started anywhere as long as you are talented, but true love comes only once. Another thing i realized was all step-moms are not bad. Some are genuine and caring and will love you as much as her own kids. Sometimes step- children are worse, they will make life horrible for their step-moms. Thirdly, don’t hang on to the past too much. And don’t move forward unless you are sure you have given up the past. Otherwise you may ruin someone else’s life. Don’t bully your parents, trust that whatever decisions they make will always will be the best ones for you.

P.S. Changes was made into a TV Movie in 1991, if anyone has any link so i can watch it plz let me know. Hope you enjoyed this post. Happy Blogging !!!!


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  1. Another good post! Great going. I liked this post better than the last one. The concluding part was the best. The theme is excellent. Don’t change it. Happy Blogging!

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