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The Cottage !!!!

March 18, 2012


The Cottage !!!

Against a glittering backdrop of celebrity and glamour, DANIELLE STEEL digs deeper to tell a story of friendship and love, tragedy and second chances…of the choices and unexpected turns of fate that can shape characters and lives.

Danielle Steel has always been one of my favorite writers. The way she presents various relationships with a stroke of a pen is simply mind-boggling. I myself have lost count of the number of novels I have read which have been written by her. But all of them have touched a part of my soul. There is something I have loved and learnt from her novels which I will try to express through this post.

The Cottage:  Is basically a story of  3 men. All of them are different. Basically they represent 3 types of men which actually are present in our universe.

1)Cooper Winslow : A spoiled Brat !!! An EX-Movie Star !!! Imagine Tom Cruise after 20 years. He is 70 years old having affairs with 20 year olds. Supporting a lot of DEBT because of his lavish life style. We know the GRIND ;). Ultimately falls in love with a Girl “Alex”, who is a NEONATOLOGIST. Whether he loves her or her huge inheritance is left to be seen !!

2)Jimmy O’Connor : Jimmy is the social worker kind of Guy !!!  Works with troubled kids. Head over heels in love with his wife. Well, the CATCH here is his wife dies due to Cancer. The book describes his painful journey in order to move on with his life.

3)Mark Friedman: The Corporate kind of Guy !!! Divorced !!! Wife fell in love with someone else and cheated on him !!! Two kids. Jason and Jessica. His life basically revolves around his kids.

How do the THREE of them meet ????

Cooper Winslow rents out a part of his house known as ” THE COTTAGE”. He rents the guest wing to Mark and gate house to Jimmy.

The Plot revolves around Cooper Winslow and Alex, his Girl friend. Alex is the opposite of Cooper. She is beautiful, caring, down to earth and rich due to her huge inheritance. Cooper loves spending time with her. She is 30 and he is 70. He is never sure during the length of the book whether he “LOVES HER BECAUSE OF HER” or “LOVES HER PARTLY BECAUSE OF HER INHERITANCE”. The way Danielle Steel reflects his conflicting emotions regarding that, is really note-worthy.

Meanwhile Mark and Jimmy become great friends. They both help each other get over their grief. How a Strong bond of Friendship can help people tide over their problems is wonderfully shown.

Cooper is cordial with his tenants. But Alex develops a strong bond with Jimmy over a period of time. Especially when Jimmy tries to commit suicide in grief for his wife. Alex helps him out emotionally at that point. Jimmy’s mom comes to live with him at that point and hits off extremely well with Cooper, makes Cooper see sides of himself he didn’t know existed.

Cooper discovers that he has a daughter Taryn, she is 40 when both of them meet for the first time. Being reluctant at first, they hit it off well together. Cooper discovers a part of him that he also didn’t know was missing. Mark and Taryn ultimately get together and fall in love.

The question remains that what happens b/w Alex , Cooper and Jimmy ??  Who does Alex go with ??? For that you need to read the book.

What did i learn from the book ???

Relationships which are wrong, are ultimately wrong. The faster you get over them and move on the better. Even after a huge heartfelt break-up there is always a rainbow at the other end. Whatever happens, always happens for the best. Friendships don’t depend on the duration for which you have been friend’s, it depends on depth of emotions. Even if a person is self centered and carefree and egoistic at some point of time, fate has a way of turning him into a good human being.


p.s. Date guys more of your age… is another lesson I learnt from this one 😉



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