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I am so disappointed in this book.. Devils wears Prada is much better than this one..
Honestly a person like me will never be able to understand the character of ANDY. She is still scared of Miranda Priestly. And she really cant stand up for herself.. Nor does her relationship with her husband reache upto the mark..
Your husband is your best friend .. a person who knows you inside out.. However in Andy’s case she doesnt trust her husband and never expresses her true feelings to him.. but expects him to understand all the same.. seems a bit made up to me.
Regarding the merger of Plunge with Elias Clarke.. Andy is so weak she never expresses her view clearly and is always trying to avoid the problem instead of facing it ..
Overall the last problem i have is NOT GETTING ENOUGH OF MIRANDA PRIESTLY..she has less part in this novel..
Not worth a read..





I haven’t found the time to read a novel lately. However, i had many people come over to me and asking me ” Did you read the novel by John Green- The Fault in our Stars”. So pulling out 2 to 3 all nighters, I finally decided to read it. And I have one word for it. It’s a huge disappointment.

I am basically a hard core romantic. Romantic novels make me woo and sob, all at the same time. The plot of the novel was didn’t appeal to me.It felt as if the writer was asking for the sympathy of the reader right from the first. It’s a story of two kids. What separates them from all the others are they are terminally ill. They suffer from cancer. People like me, who work are doctors find the technical aspect of the story quite absurd ( Eg. A girl carrying an oxygen cylinder around !!!)

It’s a story about a boy named Augustus and a girl named Hazel. Augustus suffers from Osteosarcoma and Hazel suffers from Thyroid Carcinoma. They meet at a cancer group for kids and fall in love. Augustus fulfills Hazel’s wish of travelling to Amsterdam to meet the author of her favorite book “The Imperial Affliction”. It turns out to be a ruse. The author is nothing short of a drunk bastard.Ultimately Augustus dies leaving Hazel sad and shattered. Another important character whom i liked was of a young guy named Isaac . He turns blind because of a tumor in his eye and his girlfriend leaves him because of that.

The plot seems shallow. No time is given for the characters to develop. Cancer is used as a point to gain sympathy. The author could have stressed more on how their relationship evolves. It could have been more about love and less about the suffering brought on by cancer. I see lots of cancer kids everyday, the way the author describes them, believe me its not like that .

I didn’t shed a single tear when Augustus dies. And that’s a rare occurrence for me. I will compare this novel with “Walk to Remember” by Nicholas Spark. Spark allowed his characters to develop and their love story to blossom properly. Reading “Walk to Remember” gives me goosebumps and makes me cry when “Jamie” dies.

I know these is review out of sorts, but if you read the novel you will understand. “The Fault in our Stars” is not a novel which we cannot put down. It didn’t keep me captured. I hope John Green does it better next time.


P.S. I have still not watched the movie.. and dont even feel like doing so after reading the book.



Cradle and All !!! – James Patterson

I know it’s been a while since my last post. I have been busy with admission process in post-graduation.  Phew !!! Finally got into one. Yea !!! Anyways I have been itching to write about this one. I have read so many of James Patterson novels but this one caught me by surprise.


Well, obviously Mother Mary gave birth to Jesus as a virgin. Well believe it or not this story is based in on this. The earth it seems is taken on by Devils or Satan. There are famines in India and outbreak of TB and Polio in US and Floods in Africa.  Everyone is waiting for God to help them out. In those times 2 virgin girls, One in Boston named Kathleen and other in Ireland named Colleen become pregnant. Well nothing new in that but the twist in the tale is BOTH ARE VIRGINS. The priests in the Vatican become involved. Out of the two virgin mothers according to sayings of FATIMA, One will give birth to GOD and other to the DEVIL. Anne Fitzgerald, a former nun turned private investigator, is hired by the Archdiocese of Boston to investigate the immaculate conceptions. Even as she comes to care about and trust the young women, she realizes that both are in great danger. Terrifying forces of light and darkness are gathering. Stepping into uncharted territory where the unknown is just the beginning, Anne must discover the truth–to save the young women, to save herself, and to protect the future of all mankind.When the public gets wind of the fact that Christ will be born again there is an uproar.

Well which one gives birth to God and which one to Devil is really juicy to read about. So I won’t spoil the surprise for you. But I can tell you that much, The End of the Book is something you wouldn’t have expected at all.

My verdict on this is ” AWESOME READ” !!! The book takes us through a heart warming and life changing story of two pregnant teenage girls and what they go through along with giving us an insight into how the “CHURCH” works.

What did I love about this book ???

I am not a christian and this book made me aware of what Christianity is like. I feel like reading the bible after this. The strength of the virgin girls is amazing and i loved the element of surprise in this book. I repeat the “END” is not at all what it seems like !!!

P.S. – One can even become pregnant if you don’t actually have sex. Read the novel to know more. Let me know how you liked it !!! 😉

Amazing Grace !!! – Danielle Steel

Danielle Steel creates a stunning array of contrasts–from the dazzle of a society benefit to the chaos of a makeshift hospital, from the pampered lives of rock stars to the quiet heroism of emergency volunteers. It is her most powerful and life-affirming novel to date.

What is AMAZING GRACE ????? It is a state of FREEDOM, a state of FORGIVENESS, a state of LOVE and a state of MODESTY. This NOVEL can change your life. It changed my whole perspective to life. How one TRAGEDY can change our lives forever, whether it’s for better or for worse is in our hands !!!!

Plot : Amazing Grace : The Story revolves around four central characters .. A Socialite, A nun , A pop-star and A war photographer.

On a warm May night in San Francisco, the Ritz-Carlton ballroom shimmers with crystal and silver as a glittering, celebrity-studded crowd gathers for a charity dinner dance. The evening is perfect–until, just minutes before midnight, the room begins to sway. Glass shatters. And as the lights go out, people begin to scream….

1) The Socialite: Sarah Sloane is the beautiful wife of a financial wiz.. although not harmed by the earthquake her world crumbles around her due to it when her husband is exposed to be a corrupt businessman on the same night. The person she thought she knew so well is not who he seemed to be. For some bunch of money he traded his wife and his kids happiness for his own. Sarah leaves her husband eventually but how she manages to forgive him is amazingly written by the author. Sarah shows us the ART OF FORGIVENESS.

2) The Pop-Star : Melanie Free a world famous Pop Star is performing at Riz-Carlton when Earthquake hits San Francisco . She has to stay in a camp for a few week as there are no flights available. Melanie is a sweet and innocent girl, who have other people living off her voraciously like her MOTHER and her boy-friend. Melanie volunteers at the LOCAL HOSPITAL and meets a NUN ( MAGGIE) and TOM, who change her life forever. In Maggie she finds a friend and Tom becomes her boy-friend. Melanie after leaving SF, learns to step up to her mother, gains her freedom and pursues her dreams to do volunteer work along with singing. Thus she teaches us the ART OF FREEDOM.

3) The Nun: Sister Maggie Kent, lives in the slum area of SF, has devoted her life to help prostitutes, drunkards etc. She also is a trained nurse. She takes Maggie in her wake and teaches her how to obtain amazing grace :)..  The catch here is she falls in LOVE with a photographer, Everett. How she struggles with her feelings being a NUN and all, and whether she let’s go of her vows and marries Everett or she remains a nun throughout her life is something that you will have to read and find out. From Sister MAGGIE we learn the ART OF LOVE.

4)The Photographer : Everett Carson, a former war correspondent whose personal demons have demoted him to covering society parties, finds new purpose amid the carnage. He falls in love with a NUN, Maggie and the way he givers her space and time to make her own decisions regarding them, not pressurizing her once is amazing. Everett also has a son who is 30 years old and he hasn’t seen him since he was three. He approaches his son again and the way they build their relationship and help each other tide over their differences, meanwhile Maggie is the one who encouraged him to meet his son again. From Everett we learn the art of MODESTY )

What did I learn from Amazing Grace ???

This is one of the Best Novels I have read which made me rethink a lot about myself. i learnt from Sarah, The art of making it on my own and the art of forgiveness. There is always a hidden strength in us, which carries us through one of our worst times ever. Never Give Up.. Because the moment you do Failure becomes mandatory. From Melanie, I learnt the importance of having the freedom to make our own decisions. I learnt how much ever of money one has, it cant make you as much happy as volunteering or helping needy people can make you. That satisfaction cannot be obtained from anything else. From Maggie I learnt that in order to serve GOD and help people, one doesn’t need to be a nun. It should just come from the heart. And if the relationship is good enough,  it is worth ‘n’ number of sacrifices. And from Everett I learnt it is never too late to hold out a hand to your loved ones. People who love you, will always love you no matter how many years have passed.

P.S. This is a fabulous book… READ IT !!!!

The Notebook :).. Nicholas Spark

The Notebook is officially TOPS THE LIST of “MY FAVORITE NOVELS” ever 🙂 It would be the same for many of you I guess. The Notebook is an achingly tender story about the enduring power of love, a story of miracles that will stay with you forever. It’s the book which i read when i am hurt, a book which i read when i want to feel love, a book which depicts love, care, forgiveness and sacrifice, twisted in a beautiful plot.

It holds a very big place in my heart.. It’s special. It taught me what love is, how loss can be and how to know when you have actually found the “ONE”. It is based on a true story and it was NICHOLAS SPARK’s first novel, which remained on the top of best selling list for more than a year !!!

THE NOTEBOOK : The story is based on two center characters Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson.

Set amid the austere beauty of coastal North Carolina in 1946, The Notebook begins with the story of Noah Calhoun, a rural Southerner returned home from World War II. Noah, thirty-one, is restoring a plantation home to its former glory, and he is haunted by images of the beautiful girl he met fourteen years earlier, a girl he loved like no other. Unable to find her, yet unwilling to forget the summer they spent together, Noah is content to live with only memories. . until she unexpectedly returns to his town to see him once again. Allie Nelson, twenty-nine, is now engaged to another man, but realizes that the original passion she felt for Noah has not dimmed with the passage of time. Still, the obstacles that once ended their previous relationship remain, and the gulf between their worlds is too vast to ignore. With her impending marriage only weeks away, Allie is forced to confront her hopes and dreams for the future, a future that only she can shape. Like a puzzle within a puzzle, the story of Noah and Allie is just beginning. As it unfolds, their tale miraculously becomes something different, with much higher stakes. The result is a deeply moving portrait of love itself, the tender moments, and fundamental changes that affect us all. Shining with a beauty that is rarely found in current literature, The Notebook establishes Nicholas Sparks as a classic storyteller with a unique insight into the only emotion that really matters.

This is the plot of the story in brief. I would really like you to read the NOVEL if you haven’t done so still… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!

What did I love about THE NOTEBOOK ???

How many of us can claim we have HUSBANDS or BOYFRIENDS who will look after us the way NOAH looks after ALLIE when she suffers from ALZHEIMER’s disease ??? Which one of can claim “OUR SPECIAL SOMEONE” will make us fall in love with him all over again and bring us back from Alzheimer’s ??? The Notebook increased my standards. It made me realize what LOVE actually is !!! Until and unless you are not sure that you can go up to such an extent as NOAH went for ALLIE.. I don’t think you actually love the person or vice a versa !! Love knows no AGE LIMIT !!! When Noah met Allie for the first time they were just 17 year olds. In the brief period they shared together they came to know “THAT THEY WERE MADE FOR EACH OTHER” !!!!  Even after 14 years of separation their feelings for each other did not waver. That is what LOVE is made up of !!! In today’s so called GENERATION, i feel youngsters don’t know anyone to preach them how “BEAUTIFUL” it is, to be in love. For them TODAY, it’s all about sex and showing off in front of your friends !!! I feel “THE NOTEBOOK”, will give them something to think about. To anyone who reads this post.. GIVE TRUE LOVE A CHANCE !!! That is what i loved from “THE NOTEBOOK” 🙂 Share your views .. The movie based on this book is also “OUT OF THE WORLD” !!!

P.S. This is the letter Allie wrote to Noah when she realized she is suffering from Alzheimer’s.. It’s amazing .. just go through it <3.. I haven’t read a more beautiful letter then this:)

Dear Noah,

I write this letter by candlelight as you lie sleeping in the bedroom we have shared since the day we were married. I see the flame beside me and it reminds me of another fire from decades ago, with me in your soft clothes, and I knew then we would always be together, even though I wavered the following day. My heart had been captured by a southern poet, and I knew inside that it had always been yours. Who was I to question a love that rode on shooting stars and roared like crashing waves? For that is what it was between us then and that is what it is today. I remember coming back to you the day after my mother left. I was so scared because I was sure you would never forgive me for leaving you. I was shaking as I got out of the car, but you took it all away with your smile. “How about some coffee?” was all you said. And you never brought it up again in all our years together. Nor did you question me when I would leave and walk alone during the next few days. When I came in with tears in my eyes, you always knew whether I needed you to hold me or to just let me be. I don’t know how but you did, and you made it easier for me. Later, when we went to the small chapel and exchanged our rings and made our vows, I looked into your eyes and knew I had made the right decision. More than that, I knew I was foolish for ever considering someone else. I have never wavered since. We had a wonderful life together, and I think about it a lot now. I close my eyes sometimes and see you with speckles of grey in your hair, sitting on the porch and playing your guitar while little ones play and clap to the music you create. “You’re a better father than you know, ” I tell you later, after the children are sleeping. I love you for many things, especially your passions: love and poetry and fatherhood and friendship and beauty and nature. And I am glad you have taught the children these things, for I know their lives are better for it. They tell me how special you are to them, and it makes me feel like the luckiest woman alive. You have taught me as well, and inspired me and supported me in my painting, and you will never know how much it has meant to me that you were always there,encouraging me. You understood my need for my own studio, my own space, and saw beyond the paint on my clothes and in my hair. I know it was not easy. It takes a man to do that, Noah, to live with something like that. And you have. For forty-five years now. Wonderful years. You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most. I treasure each side, just as I have treasured our life together. You have something inside you, Noah, something beautiful and strong. Kindness, that’s what I see when I look at you now, that’s what everyone sees. Kindness. I know you think me crazy for making us write our story before we finally leave our home, but I have my reasons and I thank you for your patience. I never told you why, but now I think it is time you knew. We have lived a lifetime most couples never know, and when I look at you I am frightened by the knowledge that all this will be ending soon. For we both know my prognosis. I worry more about you than I do about me, because I fear the pain I know you will go through. There are no words to express my sorrow for this. I love you so deeply, so incredibly much, that I will find a way to come back to you despite my disease, I promise you that. And this is where the story comes in. When I am lost and lonely, read this storyjust as you told it to the childrenand know that in some way I will realize it’s about us. And perhaps, just perhaps, we will find a way to be together again. Please don’t be angry with me on days I do not remember you we both know they will come. Know that I will always love you, and no matter what happens, know that I have led the greatest life possible. My life with you. Noah, wherever you are and whenever you read this, I love you. I love you deeply, my husband. You are, and always have been, my dream.



Changes !!! – Danielle Steel

Changes is yet another of Danielle Steel Novels I have liked immensely.  This novel is something each and every one of us can relate to at one point of time. It depicts human emotions nicely. Even though the end is predictable, in order to enjoy this one you need to read in b/w the lines.

Changes: As the Title of the book suggests this novel is all about “THE MOMENTS OF IMPACT” which can change our lives forever:)

There are two center characters in this novel: MELANIE  ADAMS , a HOTSHOT TV ANCHOR in NEW YORK   and PETER HALLAM, a RENOWNED HEART SURGEON in Los Angeles.

1) MELANIE ADAMS : She is a famous TV ANCHOR. She is single mother. She has twins,  Valerie AND Jessica. She is honest and decent person along with being a wonderful mom.

2)PETER HALLAM : He is a renowned HEART SURGEON in Los Angeles. His wife died due to Pulmonary Hypertension, refusing her own husband to treat her. He has three kids. Mark, Pam and Matt. He is involved in fighting odds of people’s life everyday. Deeply attached to his work and his kids, trying to juggle both the things after death of his wife .

How do MELANIE AND PETER meet ???

As a part of her latest story, Melanie follows a girl who is going to be operated by Peter. Melanie is greatly touched by the work Peter does, how he deals with DEATH and HOPE at the same time. They enter into a whirlwind romance. None of them see any future in it because they live 3000 miles apart and both of them have careers which they don’t want to give up. However, after they separate, their feelings for each other keeps on exponentially increasing. They introduce each other to their kids. Take vacations with their kids. Pam, Peter’s daughter is still grieving over her mother’s death and rejects Melanie. Meanwhile Valerie and Jessica are so used to having their mother to themselves they cant get used to the idea of sharing her with someone else.

However, even with many odds against her, Melanie leaves her job in New York and moves with twins to Los Angeles to marry Peter. When she gets married she sees that Peter’s entire house-hold still lives in the past. The house they live in still looks like his EX – WIFE is still there. While Melanie gives her heart and soul into the marriage, Peter still seems to be living in the past. Upon that Peter’s kids don’t adjust to her ways and her own daughters refuse to  understand her decisions to marry Peter.

Melanie is trying to juggle her house along with a career at a new place. She faces a lot of problems with her co-anchor. Upon that Melanie turns pregnant. None of Peter’s kids are happy about that, neither are the twins and the make her life a living hell. When Melanie turns to Peter for his support, she finds he supports his kids more. Frustrated and alone Melanie, runs away from the house. Whether she comes back or not ??? And whether their marriage survives ??? Does she go for an abortion instead ???Will the children come to their senses and bury their differences???? And will Peter finally let go of his past and make the needed compromises, or risk losing Melanie forever???? Will Melanie and Peter together pull through these problems???? Will love conquer it all???? You need to read the book to find out.

This is a short synopsis. The way Danielle Steel have jotted down feelings and emotions in it, it seems very real. Definitely worth a read.

What I learnt from it ???

Anything constant in life is “CHANGE”. First of all I learnt that GIVING up your career in order to be with someone you truly love is not FOOLISH. It’s the best decision anyone could make. Careers can be started anywhere as long as you are talented, but true love comes only once. Another thing i realized was all step-moms are not bad. Some are genuine and caring and will love you as much as her own kids. Sometimes step- children are worse, they will make life horrible for their step-moms. Thirdly, don’t hang on to the past too much. And don’t move forward unless you are sure you have given up the past. Otherwise you may ruin someone else’s life. Don’t bully your parents, trust that whatever decisions they make will always will be the best ones for you.

P.S. Changes was made into a TV Movie in 1991, if anyone has any link so i can watch it plz let me know. Hope you enjoyed this post. Happy Blogging !!!!

The Cottage !!!!


The Cottage !!!

Against a glittering backdrop of celebrity and glamour, DANIELLE STEEL digs deeper to tell a story of friendship and love, tragedy and second chances…of the choices and unexpected turns of fate that can shape characters and lives.

Danielle Steel has always been one of my favorite writers. The way she presents various relationships with a stroke of a pen is simply mind-boggling. I myself have lost count of the number of novels I have read which have been written by her. But all of them have touched a part of my soul. There is something I have loved and learnt from her novels which I will try to express through this post.

The Cottage:  Is basically a story of  3 men. All of them are different. Basically they represent 3 types of men which actually are present in our universe.

1)Cooper Winslow : A spoiled Brat !!! An EX-Movie Star !!! Imagine Tom Cruise after 20 years. He is 70 years old having affairs with 20 year olds. Supporting a lot of DEBT because of his lavish life style. We know the GRIND ;). Ultimately falls in love with a Girl “Alex”, who is a NEONATOLOGIST. Whether he loves her or her huge inheritance is left to be seen !!

2)Jimmy O’Connor : Jimmy is the social worker kind of Guy !!!  Works with troubled kids. Head over heels in love with his wife. Well, the CATCH here is his wife dies due to Cancer. The book describes his painful journey in order to move on with his life.

3)Mark Friedman: The Corporate kind of Guy !!! Divorced !!! Wife fell in love with someone else and cheated on him !!! Two kids. Jason and Jessica. His life basically revolves around his kids.

How do the THREE of them meet ????

Cooper Winslow rents out a part of his house known as ” THE COTTAGE”. He rents the guest wing to Mark and gate house to Jimmy.

The Plot revolves around Cooper Winslow and Alex, his Girl friend. Alex is the opposite of Cooper. She is beautiful, caring, down to earth and rich due to her huge inheritance. Cooper loves spending time with her. She is 30 and he is 70. He is never sure during the length of the book whether he “LOVES HER BECAUSE OF HER” or “LOVES HER PARTLY BECAUSE OF HER INHERITANCE”. The way Danielle Steel reflects his conflicting emotions regarding that, is really note-worthy.

Meanwhile Mark and Jimmy become great friends. They both help each other get over their grief. How a Strong bond of Friendship can help people tide over their problems is wonderfully shown.

Cooper is cordial with his tenants. But Alex develops a strong bond with Jimmy over a period of time. Especially when Jimmy tries to commit suicide in grief for his wife. Alex helps him out emotionally at that point. Jimmy’s mom comes to live with him at that point and hits off extremely well with Cooper, makes Cooper see sides of himself he didn’t know existed.

Cooper discovers that he has a daughter Taryn, she is 40 when both of them meet for the first time. Being reluctant at first, they hit it off well together. Cooper discovers a part of him that he also didn’t know was missing. Mark and Taryn ultimately get together and fall in love.

The question remains that what happens b/w Alex , Cooper and Jimmy ??  Who does Alex go with ??? For that you need to read the book.

What did i learn from the book ???

Relationships which are wrong, are ultimately wrong. The faster you get over them and move on the better. Even after a huge heartfelt break-up there is always a rainbow at the other end. Whatever happens, always happens for the best. Friendships don’t depend on the duration for which you have been friend’s, it depends on depth of emotions. Even if a person is self centered and carefree and egoistic at some point of time, fate has a way of turning him into a good human being.


p.s. Date guys more of your age… is another lesson I learnt from this one 😉


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